Time To Shut Down

Discussion in 'Dev Diary' started by superstringman, Sep 29, 2017.

By superstringman on Sep 29, 2017 at 3:52 PM
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    Well, it’s been interesting. But I’ve finally come to the conclusion that it’s simply not feasible to keep BraneBot running any longer. Between competitors coming at us, the unpredictability of twitch and my own limitations on resources I am simply exhausted. The main reason we’ve held on this long is simply due to the supportive members of our community that I just didn’t want to let down. From a pure financial perspective we felt the business model had a high risk of failure a while ago, but I really liked working with a lot of you so I stuck it out anyway. It was really enjoyable.

    So thanks again for your support. I may still build something with the new twitch Extension system, but it will be free and on a much smaller scale and not a BraneBot product.

    Over the next few days I’ll be cancelling all of the subscriptions on PayPal and will be doing prorated refunds for those that have multi-month subscriptions. You can also still contact me in discord if you wish to get any currency data for your channel.

    Good luck to you all,


Discussion in 'Dev Diary' started by superstringman, Sep 29, 2017.

    1. Aaeolien
      A little irritated that there was no notice to folks on this, Some of us have pretty involved viewers with the loyalty point system. Why weren't we given a little notice to be able to export some of this information? Donate for months to support the bot and to get no notice it was being brought to an end is not exactly the right thing to do. We cannot access anything anymore? Please respond and please do something to fix this and give folks the opportunity to get at the information.
    2. LadyMatrix
      The last line in the post states to go our discord here is the link (just realized there really was no link anywhere so helps if we post it) https://discord.gg/zxZHa8 We will be able to give you your data it's not lost.
    3. chdessert
      I tried to connect to the Discord server and it said something about an invalid or expired link...? Just was wondering if I could get the information for my custom commands Thanks.

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