So I kind of want to get BraneBot but...

Discussion in 'General' started by SneakyToddler, Feb 11, 2017.

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    I am sorry has anything happened in the past few months? when I started out on twitch in Nov 2016 I was looking for a loyality bot. I tried a few before deepbot revlo...but one that I really wanted was BraneBot...I like some of these upcoming features and the interface where my viewers could bet on roulette and chat...problem is I havent seen much of any progress? I would be more than willing to pay a membership and have my only bot be BraneBot but revisiting the website today it appears as if nothing has been updated.

    I did see a post from another user expressing the same type of concerns with a response from a mod explaining real life was taking away from the project. That is quite a shame since I feel this bot has more potential than revlo. Revlo right now is probably the most widely used loyality bot on twitch...but it pales in comparison to your "planned" features. I wish well for the project and know that I will be a customer when things here get more polished and completed. I could imagine that it is a hard undertaking keep up the good work and do your best.
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    I didn't say life was taking away from the project I said that at that time the dev had current obligations to his real life job at the time. Hence why progress had slowed. (Plus it was Christmas holidays) We're still here and still working on the bot.

    Side note: You do not need to pay for the bot if you don't need duel, prestige mode, hour ranks, or events. It's free otherwise.
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