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    **NOTE** You can use this without PLUS!

    I made a small little custom OSE using branebots API to show off the API and made a custom little background for it. Currently contains Uptime, Last Follower, Follower Goal, Sub Goal, Game, Twitter* and Youtube* (read the note below)

    Uses session data so don't forget to reset session every time you start the stream for your goals! (Unless you want to keep a session for a week)

    Firstly: Put extract the API-OSE folder from the zip file to where you would like the files to be (they must stay in the API-OSE folder)

    Secondly: go into token.js and replace ####### with your integration token from Offscreen > Account > Integration. This is for the API pages.

    Thirdly: go into channel.js and replace the $$$$$$ with your channel name

    for ###### you must go to to get your twitch oauth (if you use chatty/livestream etc you already have this and if you request a new one for my OSE you will have to replace the key (its like a stream key)) connect twitch and when it gives you the key copy everything AFTER "oauth:" and replace #######

    Fourthly: From OBS Studio/Xsplit you add the scroller.html page to a browser source ( for OBS Studio you might have to do file/// pathway (just open it up in a browser to get the whole url) instead of using "use local file" as I had an issue with the html working properly and to also use body { overflow: hidden; } in the custom css section if scroll bars appear ) set dimensions to 415 x 70 and then crop to the border (hold ALT in OBS/Xsplit)

    *Please note: Twitter and youtube are manual edits because they never change nor need an API to pull from (notepad++ is a lovely program).

    If you want to change the order of how the pages rotate, remove a page, re-add or add a page go into 'scroller.html' and edit from there.
    You can also set the time of when the text shows up as it says in the comment do not go below 15 seconds.

    Also if you want to edit the end goal for followers and subs open open Followgoal.html or subgoal.html and you'll find where its commented (look below) and just change the number

    You may use it as is or change the image/coloring if you know what you're doing.

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    Post updated: as well as download link adding new files. For those needing the game file just download the zip and take channel.js and Game.html out and place in your current folder and make sure you readd Game.html in the scroller.html list if you removed it!

    If you have questions or help don't hesitate you ask in discord!
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    Very awesome, I got it customized with very little effort, Thank you for your work.

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