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By superstringman on Nov 4, 2016 at 3:26 PM
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    Hello All!

    Been a while since my last post, Twitch Con wiped me out a bit. :) Moving forward I'm going to attempt a weekly post, even if it's just to say Hi.

    Today we had a relatively small update with a couple of fixes and features. We have more in the works but figured we had a few things complete so we could push them out. But lets talk about the highlights for the next patch.

    New pricing Tier!
    We're going to be adding a new $5 tier called Advanced. After speaking to many streamers we feel like there's a feature set we missed for those of you who just wanted a few more basics for their stream and didn't need a lot of the advanced stuff. Here are the main changes for the Tiers.

    We'll be moving the following into the new "Advanced" Plan
    • Ranks
    • API Access
    • Unlimited Commands, Quotes
    • "Whitelisting" , so mods can now run the channel from the viewer portal.
    • GameWisp Rewards (more details below)
    • Custom Bot Name
    The GameWisp rewards are something we've been talking to GameWisp about for a while. The idea is that there will be BraneBot specific rewards on GameWisp that you can use. For example, there will be a "Free Jukebox" reward that you can assign to any tier to reward subscribers. I'll be starting a thread to discuss other reward ideas anyone may have.

    We're also hoping to expand the API usage. So far it's been in a bit of a Beta stage, we're testing simple things and making sure everything is basically working. We've learned what features need to be added to really make this a useful feature. We believe this will be a great way for people with the Advanced plan to really customize their stream the way they want, so look for more Add-Ons to be uploaded soon.

    Our current Plus users don't need to feel left out because we're working on a new Feature that has been requested a bunch. A Viewer Shop. Many times we've heard from Streamers and Viewers, "Give me more stuff to spend my points on!". Well the first version of the shop will be just for this. We're going to start with allowing viewers to buy access to custom commands and also allow Streamers to make custom rewards. Combining this with a couple of the Add-Ons we've seen can make for some really interesting features.

    I've spoken directly to a fair number of people about bugs and features. A bunch on still on the list and we're working through them, just didn't have things as complete as we wanted for todays patch. But they're all coming very soon.

    Until next time!


Discussion in 'Dev Diary' started by superstringman, Nov 4, 2016.

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