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By superstringman on Sep 26, 2016 at 2:33 PM
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    Hello all, got some happy news to share.

    As some of you may know we've been working on memory optimizations/resource leaks on our main server for a while now. As mentioned in the last dev diary this mainly caused us to do maintenance restarts and sometimes crashes and poor performance. Well we've finally fixed the worst of the two, so from now on we should no longer have any restarts or performance degradation between patches!

    For the less worse of two we've tracked it down to our library that connects to GameWisp. Those of you who have GameWisp and connected to BraneBot have seen the instabilities and other issues, well they've been just as frustrating for us. So here's what we're doing to fix it. Since we're getting more users and have had to deal with larger load on our main server we're finally starting the redesign to a distributed system. What does this mean for you guys? Well more stability overall and much less downtimes. The GameWisp stuff will be on its own server, which should by itself fix some issues, but also make it much easier to diagnose and fix other problems.

    Right now we're testing not only the new GameWisp backend, but the front end experience will be different as well. Our first change will be to the Prestige system. Starting with the next patch you will no longer have to go through the complicated process of connecting prestige levels to tiers on the BraneBot side. Moving forward you will just go to GameWisp and pick the BraneBot Prestige benefit. This will automatically connect the two, no more fuss. On the BraneBot side you just use the Prestige as normal, mainly setting currency multipliers.

    This change to GameWisp is just the first. This redesign is going to allow us to have many more custom benefits for BraneBot on GameWisp. If anyone has suggestions for benefits please post them in the feature requests area. One example could be, Free Jukebox. Anyone with this GameWisp benefit never has to pay for Song Requests.

    Simply put, we've been spending 3/4 of our time on back end stuff no one gets to see. That is ending now, we'll now be spending 3/4 of our time on a better user experience and cool new features. Keep an eye on our updates, we'll be announcing some other interesting changes shortly after Twitch Con.

    Thanks for all your continued support!



Discussion in 'Dev Diary' started by superstringman, Sep 26, 2016.

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