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    Hello everyone and welcome to the new Support site! We've been talking about setting up a proper site such as this for a while and are really excited to finally get it out to everyone. We're hoping this is a one stop shop for most of our communication, outside of Discord of course.

    So what's going on? Go ahead and read our statement we released a few weeks ago below and I'll fill you in.

    Now that you're caught up on where we're going in general I'll tell you where development is at. We've been focusing very hard the past month or so on optimizations and server performance. We had a few different nasty crash bugs that we finally stamped out so that's good. Our immediate next focus is a couple of memory leaks that we're almost done tracking down. You'll notice we've been doing maintenance restarts every few days, hopefully this will come to an end soon and we can get back on our plan of weekly patches. As annoying as system restarts are we have put a bit of effort into making them as painless as possible, so those of you that are streaming during these events you shouldn't notice the bot missing for more than a couple of minutes.

    As mentioned below we're also working on our "quality of life" fixes. The first step here was installing some great telemetry and monitoring systems for the servers and we already have a list of annoying bugs we couldn't pin down before that we should be able to stamp out very soon.

    Does all this mean we're not looking into new features? Nope. Everyone here is super excited to get back to delivering awesome new stuff, so we're actively putting together some lists and will be sharing them with you soon to get feedback. We truly want all of you to drive what comes next!


    We are as some of you may know approaching the two year anniversary of Branebot's initial start of development, in that time we have grown, we've implemented many features, most of them suggested by you, the users, we've fixed many bugs and also created a few more, we've increased our server capacity way beyond what we initially scoped for and today have built what we believe is a solid foundation of the best channel bot for twitch, which has, we feel, been a great achievement from such a small team.

    We would today like to share with you our vision and plans for focus for the coming months and on the direction we will be heading with Branebot. Our immediate focus will be on bug fixing and fleshing out many of the current features of the bot. We’ve recently made great strides in stability and efficiency. Now we will be focusing on the “quality of life” issues that may frustrate many of you, adding that extra option to a feature you always wanted, moving that button or URL to the place it should have been from the start type of things.

    Lastly we’ll be revamping our communication with the community in general, this new forums and support site is the main part of this, where we now hope we can focus communications as an addition to the community hub in discord, plus the addition of a search feature, embedded documentation library and the addons resource library brings many of the external resource we've previously been using, together into the one package to give us a single solid support solution.

    There are plans for many great new features in the future and we’re looking forward to providing everyone with the best Bot twitch has ever seen and hope to be able to share this through regular Developer Diary updates with you all.
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Discussion in 'Dev Diary' started by superstringman, Sep 19, 2016.

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