Can't add currency to viewers in chat

Discussion in 'Support Requests / Bug Reports' started by MasterZenZ, Aug 16, 2017.

  1. MasterZenZ

    MasterZenZ New Member

    Hi BraneBot Team

    When ever i try to give viewers currency using the in chat commands branebot retuns '', invalid user.''

    Please can you tell me how to turn these commands on as it's not clear from your support documentation.

    I have to resort to looking up the viewer on the branebot viewer page and adding there which is really time consuming.

    Thanks Kindly
  2. LadyMatrix

    LadyMatrix Member Bot Admins

  3. MasterZenZ

    MasterZenZ New Member

    Ah thank you, i see what i was doing wrong now. I was adding @ in front of the user name. Thank you ^_^
  4. Lizztastic

    Lizztastic New Member

    I am trying to add currency to my viewers but some some reason the command still is not working for me. It keeps saying "Lizztastic, invalid user"
  5. MasterZenZ

    MasterZenZ New Member

    Hey Lizz, i had this issue, don't add the @ before the name :) hope that helps

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