BraneBot Soundboard 2016-11-13


  1. Beardy
    So I got asked about my Soundboard plugin on the BraneBot Discord, so here it is!

    Extract the folder from the rar file and it's files somewhere safe.
    You'll need to edit the soundboard.html file a few times,

    On line 24, you'll need to add your BraneBot API token which you can find under the integration tab on your accounts page @

    To add a sound effect, add the appropriate audio file to the same folder as soundboard.html and create a blank command in BraneBot to trigger it like so -


    You can add as many audio commands you like using this format -


    if (data.Command == "!yourcommand")

    ** params.Command = BB.Commands.CHAT; **
    ** params.Output = " * " + data.User.UserName + " cheered!"; **
    var audio = new Audio('youraudio.mp3');
    audio.volume = 0.1;;


    The fields in **'s can be deleted unless you want to print text to your Twitch Chat when commands are triggered.

    audio.volume can be adjusted between 0.1 and 1.0, depending on how loud you want the soundclip to play. I generally use 0.1.

    Add soundboard.html as a browser source in your streaming software of choice and test it out.

    If you have any issues, feel free to message me on Discord.

    Enjoy :)

    My Twitch -

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    Version: 2016-11-13
    Works excellent!