Viewer Portal

Feature: Viewer Portal

What it is: Viewer Portal is one of most powerful features of BraneBot. It is the one stop shop for your viewers.
On the left it shows all of the channels the viewer follows. It highlights which ones are live and gives an indication of viewers on that channel.

It contains the following sub pages:
  • Statistics - Viewers can track their hours watched, chat lines, tips, channel currency, giveaway wins, subscription and prestige level
  • Jukebox - Viewers can add songs to the jukebox when it is open. They can search through YouTube and other music services* 
  • Calendar - It tracks what game you played on what date. There will be a calendar in the backend for you to share games you anticipate streaming*
  • Social Questing - Lets the viewers do daily "quests" that help spread your channel through social media. For their tweets, posts, shares they are awarded currency
  • Games - Roulette, Giveaways, Betting, DUEL!* all great ways for viewers to hang out and play chat games without spamming up your chat
  • Tip - Viewers can give you tips here
  • Shop* - Viewers will be able to purchase your swag here plus any affiliates you have with GreenManGaming, G2A will be displayed here as well *
  • Leaderboards - Viewers can check how they stack up against other viewers. Streamers will also be shown on the boards. How do you rank?
  • Highlights - All VOD's and Highlights will be displayed here. 
  • Admin - All of your whitelisted mods will have access to this sub-page. On this page they can do things like 
    Jukebox controls, Stream setup, Giveaways, Commands, Quotes, Polls, Viewers, and Betting
* coming soon
Where to find it:
The base URL is
For you as the streamer to see it the path is a bit different:

How to use it:
It is in your best interest to get your viewers to use the viewer portal as much as possible. First off it removes all chat spam. Viewers can interact with you there via an embedded twitch player and chat. You do not lose any viewers at all, they still count because they are watching the embedded twitch player. They can enter giveaways, play games, tip you, shop your store a whole site that is built for you. It is included in all BraneBot versions. Free version will have ads on it, it loses no functionality. Plus and Ultra users have no ads, and they also get the benefit of placing their affiliate codes in for their partnerships into the store page.

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