Quotes System

Feature: Quote System

What it is: As you stream you may say something funny or remarkable. You or your mods can add that quote to the system for recall later. 

Where to find it: Streamer OFFSCREEN-> Quotes

Moderators: Viewer Portal -> Admin -> Quotes


How to use it:   

In chat use these commands. Via the UI you can use the buttons to add/edit/delete/

A = All users
M = Mods and Streamer
A !quotes returns a random quote from the channel's quote database !quotes
A !quotes <#> returns a specific quote from the channel's quote database !quotes 15
M !quotes add <username> <quote> adds a quote to the channel's database !quotes add superstringman I should really fix this numbering problem
M !quotes rem <#> removes specified quote from channel's database !quotes rem 190

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