On Screen Alerts

Feature: OnScreen Alerts

What it is: Animated alerts that pop up on the screen while you are live. Highly customize-able. 

Where to find it: ONSCREEN -> Alerts

How to use it:


It is possible to separate out alerts if you do not wish them to all be the same size/position

At the end of the "All Alerts URL"put '&types=[1,2,3,4,5]'  (no quotes) on the end

The numbers relate to 1=follow, 2=subscribe, 3=resub, 4=donation, 5=host

As an example if you just wantAs an example if you just wanted follows you'd put something like this:


If you wanted follows and subs:


Please note, you must ensure the required numbers are in the square brackets [ ] to work as per examples above.

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