How To Set Up DUEL!

Feature: DUEL!

What it is: Viewer game, where two viewers can challenge each other to a battle for a wager, this battle is then fought on screen, with all other members of chat able to bet their channel currency on the outcome of the DUEL!

Where to find it: For viewers the game is mostly run from chat, the only option currently on the viewer portal is for the viewer to select their fighting avatar, details for you or your viewers on how to play a game can be found on this link HERE

Streamer Settings Location: GAMES -> DUEL!

  • OnScreenURL: Click this to show the URL for DUEL!, add this URL as a browser source to the scenes you require DUEL! to be viewed on.
  • Enabled ON/OFF: Toggle Switch, to make DUEL! available or not for playing
  • Betting ON/OFF: Toggle Switch, when on, once a challenge has been accepted in chat, there will be a window of time until the battle starts for all viewers to place bets using channel currency on the outcome of the battle. When off, no betting will be available, the only wager will be between the two fighting viewers.
  • Music ON/OFF: Toggle Switch, Turns on or off the background music during a battle.
  • Sound Effects ON/OFF: Turns on or off the fighting sounds during a battle.
  • Minimum Challenge Amount: This sets the minimum and default wager for a DUEL!, viewers can wager higher than this, but not below.
  • Background: Lets you select the background used during the battles, this can be set to:

  • Random: A random background is selected for each battle from the list available
  • Transparent: No background is used, but all other details remain, useful for overlaying over streams to minimize screen usage.
  • Named Background: We've included a list of background, if you select one, that will be used for every battle 

  • Update: Button to use to commit any changes you have made to any settings
  • Reset: Button to be used if  DUEL! before unresponsive, or fights don't show after a few minutes of being queued if there are no others queued, this will clear the queue. May also need you to refresh the source URL within you scene to fully reset

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