How To Play DUEL!

For the streamer: 
See how to setup DUEL! HERE

For the viewer: 
DUEL! is our on screen game, where you as a viewer can challenge either the streamer or another viewer to an onscreen battle for an initial wager (minimum wager set by the streamer). This battle (depending on how the streamer has it set) will be fought out in glorious hi resolution graphics on screen.

If enabled by the streamer, each battle outcome can also be bet on by anyone using your channel currency. All payouts are set to 1:1.

How to use:
To be able to challenge someone to a DUEL! you must first have enough channel currency to meet the minimum wager that the streamer has set.

To initiate a challenge, the command syntax in chat is.

!duel #name #currency

#name is the name of the viewer or streamer you wish to challenge.

#currency is the wager you would like to bet them, if you do not enter a wager then the default minimum wager set by the streamer is used.

Once initiated, the details of the challenge will be shown in chat, the person challenged then has a short time to respond to the challenge if they wish to. If they wish to accept they would use the command:

!duel accept

There will then be an on screen message to show the challenge was accepted and that you have been placed into a queue, if there is currently no battle taking place, it should start within a few seconds.

If enabled by the streamer, there will then be a short time before the actually fighting commences for the rest of the chat to bet their channel currency on the outcome of the battle, this is done by using the following command:

!bid #player #currency

#player being which player they wish to bid on, 1 or 2

#currency being how much of the channel currency they wish to bet, you can't bet more than you currently have.

Once the battle starts, there will be a notice in chat that all betting is closed.

The battle will then play out on screen, the winner will not only have the glory of defeating the other player, but also the spoils or war in taking home their wager.

All other viewers who bet on the outcome, will also get paid out if they selected the winner.

On Screen Avatar:
As default, the avatar used for your battle is picked at random from the pool, you can select one to always use by going to the viewer portal for the streamer, clicking on games -> DUEL!, in there is a drop down box for selecting your avatar.

Things to note:
  • You can only challenge someone if both you and they have enough currency to cover the wager
  • You can only have one challenge queue at once, so pick your fights carefully
  • If someone does not accept your challenge, it will reset after a few minutes
  • It is RNG, you can try dancing about your room, standing on one foot whilst singing the American Anthem, but it really will not change the outcome of the battle

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