Gamewisp Integration

Connect Branebot to Gamewisp: These instructions are if you already have an account on Gamewisp, if not, set that up first

The first step is to go to your Branebot control panel OFFSCREEN -> Account and click the "Connect to Gamewisp" button 

Once click it will redirect you to the Gamewisp page to Authorize (you may see the following screen, depending if you are currently authorized with Gamewisp)

From here you can normally just click "Twitch Login" unless you have different credentials, either way, login as you would do normally to Gamewisp.

Either way, you should then see the following screen which is to Authorize Branebot to connect to your Gamewisp account.


Once you click accept, you will just be returned to the Branebot control panel and it will seem like nothing has happened, if you now open, log into your account and from the top menu click onto "Configuration"

About half way down the list, you should see "Application Integrations", click that

You will then see a list of Authorize Applications and should have at least one listing for Branebot like below

Once you have this, you have successfully connected your Branebot and Gamewisp accounts and can now move onto setting up you alerts and Tier rewards within Branebot.

Branebot Gamewisp Alerts

Branebot Gamewisp alerts are set in Branebot the same as any other of the Subscription/Resub Alerts, on the Branebot Control Panel head to ONSCREEN -> Alerts and you will see two new tabs GW SUB ALERTS and GW RESUBALERTS

You can now follow our existing guides on how to setup alerts HERE  

Branebot Prestige & Gamewisp Reward Tier Integration

Once you have Tier rewards set within Gamewisp you can use up to four of these to active prestige levels within Branebot, this can be found under MONETIZE -> Prestige from the control panel, for each level you just use the drop down to pick the minimum Gamewisp Tier which activates that level of prestige for the user.

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