Deepbot Migration

If you decided to transition your Deepbot viewer data to Branebot follow this guide!

This method will transfer :

  • Names 
  • Points
  • Hours
  • Last seen

To export data from Deepbot you need to use the following tools:

DB Browser for SQLite:

And you will need a HTML file which can be found on :

On the section Programs follow the instructions on right-clicking and saving the HTML file!
(The html file was written by the author of the reddit page, Ocgineer)

 The html file needs some editing, you need to edit two lines.
On line 17 you need to add your Deepbot API key, which can be found in Deepbot's Master Settings (Config-tab ->Big cogwheel)
If you want to exclude people who have watched less than x amount or less edit line 22 .
You need to set -1 if you want to include 0 minute viewers.
Save the HTML and open it in a browser, keep it running until the first (status) line says "DONE!"

The original author mentioned that if you get a API error, start the browser in administrator mode and drag
the HTML into the URL bar of the browser.

Original document

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