Custom Currency

Feature: Custom Currency
What it is: You can reward your viewers with channel currency. It holds no intrinsic value, it does allow you however, to do powerful interactions with your community. Viewers gain currency at a rate you set

Where to find it: OFFSCREEN -> Currency

How to use it: You pick the name of your currency. Default is XP. Currency names should NOT have spaces. 

Mod Edit: Allow your moderators the ability to edit currency in chat and on the viewer portal.
Check Currency in Chat: If enabled users can type in !currency or !(yourcurrencyname) example  !xp. If disabled then BraneBot will output for the users to check currency on the viewer portal. 
Online Settings: Dole out how much currency per minute while you are LIVE.
Offline Settings: Dole out currency to your lurkers and community members that hang out while you are offline
Manage: Wipe your currency if your economy gets out of whack. Sets it to zero, it does NOT wipe time watched or ranks.

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