Built In Commands

A= All, M= Mod only, S= Streamer only. Items in RED need to be turned on for Mod use (default is Streamer only)
Command Explanation Example
A !bot returns bot information !bot
A !uptime returns how long the stream has been live !uptime
M !roulette <#> starts a round of roulette. Number is for number of minutes that betting is open, and optional. If no number, it will default to 5 minutes !roulette 10
A !giveaway returns current giveaway information !giveaway
A #status returns user's current status in regards to the current giveaway (entered, not entered, need to follow, etc.) #status
A !currency returns channel currency information !currency
A !<currencyname> returns user's currency and time watched !xp
M !<currencyname> add <user> <#> adds currency amount to user !xp add anski 500
M !<currencyname> rem <user> <#> removes currency amount from user !xp rem anski 500
M !<currencyname> set <user> <#> sets currency amount for user !xp set anski 500
S !<currencyname> addall <#> adds selected amount of currency for all users currently in chat !xp addall 500
M !permit <user> allows the user to post a link without the bot purging them. Lasts until the user posts a link !permit orbrak
A !prestige levelup levels up the user's prestige level if they have enough currency to do so (and if prestige levels are turned on) !prestige levelup
A !quotes returns a random quote from the channel's quote database !quotes
A !quotes <#> returns a specific quote from the channel's quote database !quotes 15
M !quotes add <username> <quote> adds a quote to the channel's database !quotes add superstringman I should really fix this numbering problem
M !quotes rem <#> removes specified quote from channel's database !quotes rem 190
A !song add <YouTubeID -OR- search criteria>

!song <YouTubeID -OR- search criteria>

!songrequest <YouTubeID -OR- search criteria>

!sr <YouTubeID -OR- search criteria>
Viewers can buy songs for the jukebox if it is in open play with this command. Can be just the ID, full link, or a search. !song add icejjfish

!song dQw4w9WgXcQ

!songrequest A Cool Song

!sr rickroll
A !song Lists the currently playing song !song
A !song ? Lists information about the current jukebox settings !song ?
M !song volume Mod command that will tell you the current jukebox volume !song volume
M !song volume <#> Mod command that will set the volume of the jukebox, 0-100 !song volume 75
M !song skip Skips the current song !song skip

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