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Well, it’s been interesting. But I’ve finally come to the conclusion that it’s simply not feasible to keep BraneBot running any longer. Between competitors coming at us, the unpredictability of twitch and my own limitations on resources I am simply exhausted. The main reason we’ve held on this long is simply due to the supportive members of our community that I just didn’t want to let down. From a pure financial perspective we felt the business model had a high risk of failure a while ago, but I really liked working with a lot of you so I stuck it out anyway. It was really enjoyable.

So thanks again for your support. I may still build something with the new twitch Extension system, but it will be free and on a much smaller scale and not a BraneBot product.

Over the next few days I’ll be cancelling all of the subscriptions on PayPal and will be doing prorated refunds for those that have multi-month subscriptions. You can also still contact me in discord if you wish to get any currency data for your channel.

Good luck to you all,
Hello Everybody!

First off, yes I'm still alive and working on the bot. We have been monitoring the servers and discord to try to keep things running and help people with issues as they need it. Unfortunately I had a very time consuming project the past two months that took up all of my time. So the few hours I had here and there to work on BraneBot just wasn't enough to make meaningful progress towards the next release. Now that my other project has stabilized things should be getting back to normal. And since those projects keep the bot running financially, they do take priority when things get crazy.

Of course the next concern is, how do we prevent this in the future. I don't have any other large projects planned for a while, and basically things are stable enough that I don't have to take them, I'll just simply say no. I truly do like working on BraneBot and we have absolutely no plans for shutting anything down.

That all being said I think I may change plans a little bit. I'll probably get back to smaller and more frequent releases, possibly weekly. I'm not a huge fan of this since restarts are somewhat disruptive, but we're getting much closer to having the system more widely distributed which means updates can go through with little to no noticeable downtime. Smaller releases also allow me to have a steady flow of features for you guys instead of planning something larger that can easily get pushed back indefinitely.

Thanks for sticking around and look for at least a small release very soon. The Twitch Bot development space is definitely an odd one, but we'll make it. :)

Hello All!

Been a while since my last post, Twitch Con wiped me out a bit. :) Moving forward I'm going to attempt a weekly post, even if it's just to say Hi.

Today we had a relatively small update with a couple of fixes and features. We have more in the works but figured we had a few things complete so we could push them out. But lets talk about the highlights for the next patch.

New pricing Tier!
We're going to be adding a new $5 tier called Advanced. After speaking to many streamers we feel like there's a feature set we missed for those of you who just wanted a few more basics for their stream and didn't need a lot of the advanced stuff. Here are the main changes for the Tiers.

We'll be moving the following into the new "Advanced" Plan
  • Ranks
  • API Access
  • Unlimited Commands, Quotes
  • "Whitelisting" , so mods can now run the channel from the viewer portal.
  • GameWisp Rewards (more details below)
  • Custom Bot Name
The GameWisp rewards are something we've been talking to GameWisp about for a while. The idea is that there will be BraneBot specific rewards on GameWisp that you can use. For example, there will be a "Free Jukebox" reward that you can assign to any tier to reward subscribers. I'll be starting a thread to discuss other reward ideas anyone may have.

We're also hoping to expand the API usage. So far it's been in a bit of a Beta stage, we're testing simple things and making sure everything is basically working. We've learned what features need to be added to really make this a useful feature. We believe this will be a great way for people with the Advanced plan to really customize their stream the way they want, so look for more Add-Ons to be uploaded soon.

Our current Plus users don't need to feel left out because we're working on a new Feature that has been requested a bunch. A Viewer Shop. Many times we've heard from Streamers and Viewers, "Give me more stuff to spend my points on!". Well the first version...
Hello all, got some happy news to share.

As some of you may know we've been working on memory optimizations/resource leaks on our main server for a while now. As mentioned in the last dev diary this mainly caused us to do maintenance restarts and sometimes crashes and poor performance. Well we've finally fixed the worst of the two, so from now on we should no longer have any restarts or performance degradation between patches!

For the less worse of two we've tracked it down to our library that connects to GameWisp. Those of you who have GameWisp and connected to BraneBot have seen the instabilities and other issues, well they've been just as frustrating for us. So here's what we're doing to fix it. Since we're getting more users and have had to deal with larger load on our main server we're finally starting the redesign to a distributed system. What does this mean for you guys? Well more stability overall and much less downtimes. The GameWisp stuff will be on its own server, which should by itself fix some issues, but also make it much easier to diagnose and fix other problems.

Right now we're testing not only the new GameWisp backend, but the front end experience will be different as well. Our first change will be to the Prestige system. Starting with the next patch you will no longer have to go through the complicated process of connecting prestige levels to tiers on the BraneBot side. Moving forward you will just go to GameWisp and pick the BraneBot Prestige benefit. This will automatically connect the two, no more fuss. On the BraneBot side you just use the Prestige as normal, mainly setting currency multipliers.

This change to GameWisp is just the first. This redesign is going to allow us to have many more custom benefits for BraneBot on GameWisp. If anyone has suggestions for benefits please post them in the feature requests area. One example could be, Free Jukebox. Anyone with this GameWisp benefit never has to pay for Song...
Hello everyone and welcome to the new Support site! We've been talking about setting up a proper site such as this for a while and are really excited to finally get it out to everyone. We're hoping this is a one stop shop for most of our communication, outside of Discord of course.

So what's going on? Go ahead and read our statement we released a few weeks ago below and I'll fill you in.

Now that you're caught up on where we're going in general I'll tell you where development is at. We've been focusing very hard the past month or so on optimizations and server performance. We had a few different nasty crash bugs that we finally stamped out so that's good. Our immediate next focus is a couple of memory leaks that we're almost done tracking down. You'll notice we've been doing maintenance restarts every few days, hopefully this will come to an end soon and we can get back on our plan of weekly patches. As annoying as system restarts are we have put a bit of effort into making them as painless as possible, so those of you that are streaming during these events you shouldn't notice the bot missing for more than a couple of minutes.

As mentioned below we're also working on our "quality of life" fixes. The first step here was installing some great telemetry and monitoring systems for the servers and we already have a list of annoying bugs we couldn't pin down before that we should be able to stamp out very soon.

Does all this mean we're not looking into new features? Nope. Everyone here is super excited to get back to delivering awesome new stuff, so we're actively putting together some lists and will be sharing them with you soon to get feedback. We truly want all of you to drive what comes next!


We are as some of you may know approaching the two year anniversary of Branebot's initial start of development, in that time we have grown, we've implemented many features,...